End Of Year 2018-19 Release Notes

Accentra PrimoPayroll Portal is now ready for making the end of year for 2018-19 and rollover to the new tax year for clients who are ready to do so. April 2019 Changes(Highlights): Postgraduate Student Loan Implementation. Car Benefit Enhancements. New P60 Layout with Postgraduate Student Loan section. Welsh Tax Codes…

March 2019 Release Version 1.0.260

Key Features: Bulk FPS & EPS Enhancements. New Messages Count Indicator. Employee AE Data Export Facility. API Integrations Hub. Xero API Integration Launch. End Of Year Ready Update. April 2019 Changes – Postgraduate Student Loan. April 2019 Changes – Car Benefit Enhancements. April 2019 Changes – P60 Enhancements. April 2019…

December 2018 Release Version 1.0.233

Key Features: Bureau Payslip Count. Xero Journal Posting Confirmation Email. Contact Accentra Support with no email settings. Employee Record Alert for Mandatory fields enhancement. Setting up Gross-up Payment on the Global Payment & Deduction Screen. Read More