As you know, navigating the complex landscape of payroll management for multiple clients can be daunting. Traditional software often forces you to sift through individual company profiles, making routine tasks time-consuming and tedious. Enter Primo Payroll, the game-changer in payroll bureau software.

Our cloud payroll bureau software uses the revolutionary Multi-Company Processing Engine, which redefines efficiency by allowing you to perform tasks across your entire client base seamlessly. No more opening each company individually or juggling multiple interfaces – Primo Payroll’s intuitive interface delivers a unified experience.

Revolutionary Multi-Company Processing Engine

While other bureau payroll software designers may be content with providing just a list of clients to work with on the Bureau interface, we thought bureaus would benefit from much more. The result is our revolutionary Multi-Company Processing Engine.

Primo Payroll’s Bureau interface is in itself a payroll processing engine that can work with multiple companies at once. There’s no need to open each company individually to perform routine tasks or track critical payroll deadlines. The intuitive notification panel alerts you of every single payroll deadline across the entire client base and then allows you to complete tasks right from the notification panel. You can also access the employee records of your clients without having to open a specific company.

Perform tasks across the entire client base

What can take hours with traditional payroll software can be completed in minutes with Primo Payroll. With our online payroll bureau software, it’s as if you are working with a single employer with multiple departments.

Some of the routine tasks you can perform across the entire client base include:

  • Run Payroll
  • Submit FPS
  • Submit EPS
  • Download P6/P9 & Student Loan notifications
  • Close Period
  • Track and complete all Auto Enrolment tasks

A Fully Automated Auto-Enrolment Solution

Primo Payroll stands out in the crowd when it comes to an AE-compliant solution for Bureaus. If you choose one of our automated AE solutions – available in partnership with Smart Pension and PensionSync – the software not only tracks all deadlines automatically but also completes them in the background without you having to click a single button. That includes laborious data transfer between Payroll and Pension platforms as well. No more clumsy CSV file uploads and downloads, nothing to remember and nothing extraneous to do.

Client Account Management

Primo Payroll features a sophisticated user management module that allows you to set up a certain group of staff as Account Managers. An Account Manager’s login automatically filters the access, alerts and reminders to their own designated clients, allowing them to focus on their clients’ deadlines and requirements. This can facilitate improved service quality and help with client retention.

Client Communication Module

Communicate with your clients without having to leave Primo Payroll. With our payroll bureau software for accountants, you can use its built-in email module to send one-off communication or bulk emails. You can build professional-looking templates with your business logo for reuse – whether it’s a temporary “Merry Christmas” message or an announcement on impending legislation changes. New email templates can be created very quickly out of an existing master template containing all your branding, signature and disclaimer text.

Cloud deployment featuring Employer and Employee Portals

Primo Payroll is a cloud service, which means you don’t have to worry about investing in servers or dealing with complex installation and configuration issues. The software is updated automatically every month, and new features and updates are published on our website. This also makes it easy for you to give your clients and their employees access to their payroll data. Employees can update their personal details and download payslips and P60s online. If you are a large Bureau, you can choose to have your own private cloud while retaining all the benefits of a public cloud.

Back Office Payroll Processing Service

With our specialist back-office payroll processing service exclusively available to medium and large Bureau companies, you will never have to worry about scaling up your business. Our team can take care of all your clients’ payroll processing deadlines right up to RTI, working through three shifts every 24 hours. A sophisticated support ticketing system with a status tracker keeps all email communication in one place with a complete trail of each thread until every request is completed.

Enhanced Security

Primo Payroll is equipped with robust security features that safeguard your clients’ information with the highest standards. From secure cloud deployment to encryption protocols, our payroll bureau software prioritises data integrity. The system incorporates multi-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorised access. With regular automatic updates and real-time monitoring, you can trust that your payroll data is protected from evolving threats.

Primo Payroll is not just a payroll solution. It’s a fortress for your clients’ financial information, providing peace of mind in an era where security is non-negotiable.

Save Time and Boost Operational Efficiency

Primo Payroll is designed to be your ultimate time-saving ally in bureau payroll management. Unlike traditional software that necessitates navigating through each company individually, our revolutionary Multi-Company Processing Engine allows you to seamlessly perform tasks across your entire client base. What used to take hours with conventional payroll systems can now be accomplished in minutes.

The intuitive notification panel ensures you stay ahead of critical payroll deadlines, eliminating the need to sift through individual calendars. From running payroll to submitting FPS and EPS, Primo Payroll transforms routine tasks into swift, efficient processes. The fully automated AE solution further accelerates your workflow, automatically tracking and completing deadlines without manual intervention.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

No other cloud-based payroll bureau software in the UK can redefine efficiency while prioritising user experience like Primo Payroll. With its remarkably intuitive and user-friendly interface, navigating the complexities of payroll management is a breeze. Its Multi-Company Processing Engine ensures a unified experience, allowing you to perform tasks effortlessly across your entire client base. The intuitive notification panel keeps you informed about critical payroll deadlines across multiple companies, eliminating the need for tedious individual checks.

Furthermore, accessing employee records is a walk in the park. The software simplifies what used to be a complex process, making it as intuitive as managing a single employer with multiple departments. Primo Payroll isn’t just a tool; it’s a user-centric solution that empowers you to focus on your work, not the software.

Quick and Efficient Data Migration

Primo Payroll stands out not only for its powerful payroll processing capabilities but also for its seamless integration capabilities with various systems. Our software is designed to enhance your overall workflow by effortlessly connecting with other essential tools in your arsenal. Enjoy the convenience of synchronising payroll data with accounting software, streamlining financial processes, and ensuring accuracy across the board.

Our payroll bureau software also seamlessly integrates with a range of HR management tools, allowing for a cohesive and synchronised approach to employee data management. Time-tracking solutions can be easily incorporated, ensuring that payroll calculations are accurate and reflective of real-time attendance and productivity metrics.

Enjoy Seamless Scalability

Primo Payroll is not just a solution for today; it’s your partner in growth for tomorrow. Designed with scalability in mind, our bureau payroll software seamlessly accommodates the expanding needs of your bureau as you take on more clients and manage a growing workforce. The Multi-Company Processing Engine ensures that the system remains robust and responsive, allowing you to scale operations effortlessly without compromising performance. With our cloud deployment option, you can scale your infrastructure effortlessly and without the hassle of investing in servers or dealing with complex installations.

Whether you’re onboarding new clients or managing a surge in employee numbers, Primo Payroll evolves with your business, providing a scalable and reliable solution that grows with you.

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