Auto enrolment compliance – the easiest possible way

Primo Payroll is the only software that takes 100% of the stress of Auto-Enrolment compliance away. True to the name of the legislation itself, Primo Payroll automates the entire process in the ‘real’ sense – probably more automatic than the pension regulators ever would have imagined!

As you carry out your usual PAYE processes, our payroll cloud software runs the Auto-Enrolment compliance processes in the background, communicates with your pension provider, completes the assessment and communication responsibilities, automatically classifies and enrols the employees, and calculates the contribution. Even the contribution payments are automatically processed by direct debit. Not a single piece of data needs to be imported or exported!

Meet your obligations with RTI submissions

RTI capabilities are an integral part of Primo Payroll. The software not only allows you to submit all RTI submissions such as FPS and EPS, but it also tracks any pending submissions and forces you to complete them. You cannot get away without meeting your obligations to HMRC – it’s as simple as that! Our technical team works with HMRC closely and implements new tax year changes well ahead of time.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Enhance your business profile and reduce your administrative work by offering an elegant and secured employee self-service portal. Employees can manage their own profile and download payslips, P60s and HR policy documents. They can also upload personal documents like proof of address and sickness notes etc.