Payroll Software designed for Payroll Bureaus and Accountants

We are committed to updating Primo Payroll continuously to meet compliance requirements as well as the needs of our customers.

A Modern, functional and powerful Bureau Interface

Compared with the over-complicated and uninspiring interfaces the industry has been accustomed to until now, Primo Payroll’s modern, functional and powerful Bureau interface is a breath of fresh air. The design is borne out of our rich experience in understanding multi-company payroll processing requirements combined with decades of software creation. What can take hours with traditional payroll software, can be completed in minutes with Primo Payroll, and without missing a single deadline.

Trusted by over 4000 employers

With more than 4,000 employers already trusting Primo Payroll since its launch in 2014 – and with that number continuing to grow – we know we have delivered something special to the bureau market. Our unique approach to meeting the requirements of Bureaus and Accountants has proved invaluable to Primo Payroll customers, particularly given the complexities and challenges AE has provided.

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