Payroll management can be quite daunting, with challenges ranging from complex tax regulations to time-consuming manual calculations. The demand for precision, efficiency and compliance has intensified. This is where Primo Payroll can step in—a state-of-the-art cloud-based payroll software solution tailored specifically for accountants.

Developed by Accentra Technologies, Primo Payroll leverages the power of the cloud to simplify the payroll process for accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Primo Payroll can also save valuable time as it allows users to focus on strategic financial insights rather than being bogged down by administrative complexities.

It’s time to revolutionise your approach to managing payroll clients by embracing our cutting-edge cloud-based payroll and accounting software.

What is cloud-based payroll software for accountants?

Our cloud-based payroll software is an advanced digital solution that can meet the distinctive needs and challenges of managing payroll for clients or internal staff. As your toolkit, it will automate and streamline various aspects of payroll management, empowering you to efficiently execute tasks such as salary calculations, tax deductions and compliance reporting.

How does Primo Payroll compare with its competitors?

Primo Payroll is a leading cloud-based payroll software solution tailored for accountants. Its intuitive interface and customisable features streamline tasks such as salary calculations, tax deductions and compliance reporting, ensuring adherence to the UK’s tax regulations. Robust automation minimises errors, freeing accountants to focus on strategic financial insights.

Experience the difference with Primo Payroll and revolutionise your approach to payroll management today. This specialised software offers sophisticated features tailored to accounting practices, mitigating errors, enhancing precision and ensuring compliance.

With intuitive interfaces and customisable reporting, Primo Payroll can adapt to your precise needs, making payroll management efficient and error-free—a significant technological advance for accountants in the UK.

Which Automated Features in Our Cloud-Based Payroll Solution Will Enhance Your Experience?

Our cloud-based payroll software for accountants has a number of automated features that set it apart from the competition.

Auto-enrolment compliance

Effortlessly manage your pension obligations with Primo Payroll. The software can handle interactions with pension providers, conduct assessments, enrol employees and accurately calculate contributions. With automated direct debit processing, you can say goodbye to manual contribution payments and data issues.

Effortless RTI submissions

Seamlessly integrate Real-Time Information (RTI) capabilities into your payroll management, and complete FPS and EPS submissions with ease. Primo Payroll will track pending submissions to ensure HMRC compliance.

Self-service portal for employees

Empower employees to have control over their data through our sophisticated self-service portal. Easily manage profiles, access essential documents such as payslips and P60s, and upload personal documents for streamlined communication.

Track payroll deadlines

Simplify deadline-tracking for multiple clients with our user-friendly dashboard. Receive timely prompts for pending actions, from payroll runs to client billing, and ensure you will always meet your deadlines.

SMS and email templates

Maintain professional correspondence with predefined email and SMS templates and personalise messages with your logo and signature, or utilise bulk SMS for real-time client updates.

Global operations

Streamline global operations with Primo Payroll. Conduct global employee searches and email documents to multiple clients simultaneously. Access employee data and tax codes across your global network in an instant.

Why choose Primo Payroll over alternative payroll software?

Discover why Primo Payroll is the premier choice for cloud-based payroll software for accountants.

Ensures HMRC compliance

Say goodbye to compliance headaches with Primo Payroll. Our automated features can handle tax submissions, RTI obligations and auto-enrolment compliance, ensuring your accounting practices are always up to date with the latest HMRC regulations.

Streamlines operational efficiency

Experience a new level of efficiency with Primo Payroll. Automate payroll runs, pension sign-ups, client billing and payments, freeing valuable time for strategic financial insights.

Boosts data accuracy and transparency

Trust Primo Payroll to maintain impeccable data accuracy and transparency. You can automate critical processes to minimise errors and provide real-time insights through our intelligent dashboard and employee portal.

Manages multiple companies/clients with ease

Simplify payroll management for multiple entities with Primo Payroll. Conduct global employee searches and email documents to numerous clients at the same time. Access essential data seamlessly from a centralised platform.

Strengthens client relationships with branded communication

Enhance client communication with Primo Payroll’s branded features. Utilise predefined email and SMS templates for precise, consistent and timely interactions, fostering stronger client relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there access to support?

Our friendly team of payroll experts are always on hand to provide the support you need. Although our FAQs cover the most common queries, you can also reach us by telephone or email. We will be happy to respond to any questions you might have, no matter how big or small.

Our support service is free for Primo Payroll users, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can raise a ticket by submitting the form below or by emailing for the help you need. You can also reach us on 084 5456 7181.

Our support team is available Monday to Friday, from 9am–5pm.

Does your cloud-based payroll software include auto-enrolment?

Our cloud-based payroll software for accountants works effortlessly in the background, engaging with your pension provider, completing assessments and communications, autonomously classifying and enrolling employees, and precisely calculating contributions. 

With a stroke of automation genius, you can even process contribution payments via direct debit. Forget the hassle of data imports or exports. Primo Payroll takes care of 100% of the auto-enrolment process, ensuring compliance in a way that redefines simplicity and reliability.

Are payslips password-protected?

You can send your employers or employees their payslips and protect them with a password. They can enable the ‘Protect with password’ feature and download the pdf file.