Taxation, remuneration and payroll processes have become increasingly ‘digital’ in recent years with it now possible to facilitate these processes through the use of software and online platforms.

And there is good reason in doing so, as you stand to quickly realise savings in time and efficiency which could save your company money in both the short and long term. If you’re looking to upgrade your accountancy payroll software, this guide will provide an overview of your options.

Payroll Processing for Accountants

Whether your accountancy department forms part of a larger organisation for which you’re responsible for payroll processing or whether you work for an independent firm of accountants, there are several options open to you by way of suitable payroll software for accountants.

Your usage profile will often determine which type of software will be most appropriate for the needs of your clients or your company, but most accountants will be tasked with facilitating the complete range of services associated with the payment of employees. This usually includes overseeing the administration process of taxable deductions, the payment of taxes as well as the payment of pension contributions.

Payroll Processing for Bureaus

Payroll bureaus differ from accountancy firms as they are typically responsible for only overseeing the employee payroll process rather than the additional tasks typically associated with an accountant.

A company will typically outsource this task to a third-party company who specialises in payroll management as it is often the more efficient solution. Payroll software for bureaus therefore needs to be able to easily and reliably integrate into a company’s internal time keeping system, allowing the payroll bureau to efficiently and accurately run the necessary payroll data on their behalf.

The Differences Between Payroll and Accounting Software

There is often a fair amount of overlap between both accountancy software and payroll software but there are also several stark contrasts depending on the software used.
Accountancy software usually includes features that will;

  • Provide a way for accountants to keep track of the expenses, overheads and income data of a company.
  • Provide a way to pay employees but without being able to automatically integrate personal holiday and sickness data.

Payroll software usually includes features that will;

  • Streamline the integration of employee personal data which is relevant to remuneration and the payroll process.
  • Provide limited ability to manage company income and expense data.

Primo Payroll: An All in One Software Solution

We find that many companies, whether a firm of accountants or a bureau who manages payroll processes, can often benefit from an all in one solution which incorporates accountancy payroll software and bureau payroll software.

Accentra Primo Payroll is designed to provide a comprehensive software solution which has the capability of fully integrating into existing time keeping solutions, whether traditional localised software or cloud based software. The end result is a payroll process that contains less errors and takes less time to complete.

For more information on streamlining your payroll process, whether you require software for payroll for accountants or payroll for bureaus, call us today on 0845 456 7181 to speak to a member of our team.