The cost of employing your staff makes up a considerable percentage of your overheads so it’s important that your payroll and HR process is as smooth as possible. Delays in remuneration administration and significant errors have the ability to steer even the most successful business off course.

Accentra, the team behind Primo Payroll is committed to reducing the confusion and stress often attributed to administering a payroll system through the innovation of intuitive software, designed to make managing your business easier.

Payroll Processing for Accountants

Effective payroll management software can provide several benefits to any business, the most important of which is the payment of staff salaries both accurately and on time. In addition, payroll software can:

  • Maximise efficiency by completing payroll calculations much faster. This includes the correct deduction of tax and national insurance payments as well as the processing of student loan repayments.
  • Assist in the printing of staff payslips both in hard copy and in electronic format.
  • Compose and send important employee returns to HMRC.
  • Assist with the printing of standard issue documentation such as P60 and P45 information slips.

All of these tasks if completed on a manual basis are time consuming and subject to errors in the way information is handled. Good payroll accounting software simply removes these margins for error and increases the efficiency of the overall process, simplifying payroll for accountants.

Payroll Software for Accountants

Not all payment processing software is made equal. It might be the case that you’re currently using an outdated system which your company has outgrown. Accentra is committed to the continued technological development of our software which means that it is always up to date with the latest developments within the taxation and payroll industry.

This alone is a great benefit to payroll for bureaus as they will often be tasked with managing the accountancy affairs of several companies, each with individual needs. Our software can be setup with individual profiles which can be sorted through in real-time, further reducing the time it takes you and your staff to manage your payroll processes.

Handling Personnel Records

Another great aspect of our payroll management software is its ability to assist in the compilation of accurate employee personal information. This includes the recording of employee annual leave, time taken of sick as well as time worked in lieu.

Rather than rely on a paper based system to record this vital information, it can be seamlessly captured and administered online and fed directly into your payroll runs. The time saved with this capability as well as the reduction in errors is significant.

Payroll Software for Bureaus

Whether you’re an in-house accountant or whether you’re employed as part of a payroll bureau, Primo Payroll can assist. We offer a 30 day free trial which will give you the opportunity to test our payroll software and see if it is right for you. Once you’re satisfied, simply get in touch with our team on + 44 (0)845 456 7181 and we will assist you in rolling out your bureau payroll software.