If you manage a payroll bureau, tasked with overseeing and administrating the payroll affairs of several companies, you will know just how important the software you rely on is. It needs to be fast, efficient and it needs to be reliable. Errors and delays in your payroll processing schedule have the ability to impact several hundred, if not thousands of people – a problem that all concerned could do without.

Primo Payroll is a leading bureau payroll software which is designed to assist you in effectively managing all of the payroll streams that your client has outsourced to you, helping you to help them.

Payroll Processing for Bureaus

As a payroll bureau, you will be tasked with managing the personnel records of all the employees that are employed by your client. This includes having oversight of annual leave allowances, time taken off sick, as well as any other vital information that will impact the payroll process.

Our accountancy payroll software will allow you to:

  • Seamlessly link the vital aspects of employee information together to simplify the payroll process.
  • Interlink your clients time keeping system where all employees are required to input the hours they have worked into our payroll software.
  • HMRC deductions based upon personal tax codes can be initiated through a single portal.
  • Important employee tax documentation such as P60 and P45 forms can be compiled and distributed from a single source.
  • Provide an electronic pay slip to all staff through a central management system.

These features in return will allow you to provide your clients with a better service and go a long way to reducing your payroll administration costs.

Payroll Software for Accountants

It is now easier to manage the payroll process for multiple clients and companies at any one time. The development and roll out of our Multi-Company Processing Engine allows bureaus to manage each of your clients in real-time, all through the use of a single interface.

Rather than have to pull up and open individual accounts, our payroll software will provide you with a holistic overview of every client you are managing with active alerts that can be dealt with at your convenience. You essentially have access to all of the information that you hold on all of your clients through one single portal – no switching in and out required. This feature is continuing to revolutionise payroll for bureaus.

Make the Change Today

The team here at Accentra are so confident in our Primo Payroll software that we offer a 30 day free trial to all potential customers. During this trial, you will have access to the systems and features outlined above, helping you make an informed decision on whether our payroll software is right for you and your clients. Payroll processing for accountants should be straightforward and intuitive which is what we pride ourselves on delivering for our customers.

To make use of your free trial, click over to the test page on our website or speak to a member of our team on + 44 (0)845 456 7181, where we will be happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.