The grant applies to companies whose turnover does not exceed 100 million pounds and which do not have more than 500 employees. It is a package of measures worth up to £ 2,000 and applies to all companies established in the UK at least 12 months ago or that have the status of an authorized economic operator.

This package of grants is limited to companies dealing with the import and export of goods between Great Britain and the EU exclusively. If a company is already importing or exporting goods to a non-EU country, it will not be eligible for the grant.

The main purpose of introducing this grant is to help all companies get the necessary training and professional advice in order to adjust to the new customs and tax rules in the process of trade with EU member states. It cannot be used for any other purposes. The grant application is open until June 30 of the current year and will not be valid for companies that have not fulfilled their tax or customs obligations.

More information on the grant and eligibility can be found on the GOV.UK webpage.