No business can remain successful without a team of hard-working employees, but nobody, regardless of their background or education, is impervious to making mistakes. Unfortunately, even though they’re unavoidable, errors can cause a lot of disruption, but software applications are much less prone to making mistakes than humans. However, fewer errors is only one of the advantages associated with applications such as accountancy payroll software.

Here at Primo Payroll, we develop state-of-the-art, robust payroll software solutions for bureaus, accountants and employers, and even though we’re based in the UK, our customer base across Europe is growing continuously. Keep reading below to learn more about why our bureau payroll software is growing in popularity and whether or not it could benefit your business.

What is Accountancy Payroll Software?

In the not so distant past, accountants would have to calculate everybody’s payroll information and data using nothing more than a calculator and their brain. Can you imagine how much time they had to spend working out pension contributions, tax payments, national insurance fees and holiday pay? Even the smallest of errors could cause a significant problem, which is why companies such as Primo Payroll set out to address the issue.

We decided that the best way to minimise the risk of mistakes was to make the payroll process as straightforward as possible, and that’s when our automation software started to come into the picture. Now, accountants needn’t burden themselves with the tasks of monitoring changes to tax laws or calculating pension contributions by hand, and you’ll be glad to know that our payroll software for accountants automates AE compliance.

Why Should I Invest in Bureau Payroll Software?

Our software solutions aren’t just about minimising errors – they’re about helping you save time, money and effort. Some of the many advantages of our software include:

  • Reduce Your Expenditure:

    There’s no need to outsource your payroll tasks to an expensive third party when you can automate them with intuitive software.
  • Comply with the Relevant Rules and Regulations:

    Tax and pension laws change continuously, and failing to remain up to date with the latest developments could result in a hefty fine. Fortunately, there’s no need to risk receiving a penalty when our solutions always stay on top of any and all updates.
  • Payslips Made Simple:

    You can even automate the creation of payslips using our robust software solutions.

Contact Primo Payroll Today

You can count on our highly skilled and fully trained professionals to handle the initial installation and migration of data from your old system so that you can get set up without having to lift a finger, and we intend to remain the UK’s most cost-effective accountancy payroll software developer.

If you have any questions about the inner-workings of our solutions and how they can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 456 7181. One of our friendly professionals will be glad to speak with you from our offices at Unit 2A, Bourne Court, Unity Trading Estate, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 8HD.