Whether you’re a payroll bureau, an in-house accountant or financial controller, or a firm of accountants who process payroll data for clients; the software you use is the most important aspect of completing the process accurately and efficiently.

It is for this reason that there are several considerations which you need to take into account before deciding on the right payroll software for your company. As a leading supplier of advanced payroll software for bureaus and accountants, we’re well positioned to tell you exactly what you should consider being making a decision.

1.Does Your Chosen Software Solution Offer Scalability?

Most companies envision that they will grow year on year, increasing the number of employees that they employee to meet the demands of their business operations. For that reason, it is important that your chosen bureau payroll software can be scaled and adapted as required, providing you with a solution that you won’t outgrow.

2. Can Your Chosen Payroll Software Integrate into Your Existing Systems?

The whole purpose of payroll software is to make payroll processing for accountants more efficient. Any software you choose should be able to seamlessly integrate into your existing time keeping and employee information systems, allowing you to extract this data and process it on demand.

3. Is a Software Demo or Trial Period Offered?

It is important to obtain the buy in and support from the staff who are going to be using your chosen payroll software on a daily basis. The best way to do this is to make use of a demo or trial period offered by the software developer, in turn allowing you to obtain crucial feedback from your staff.

This is especially important when considering payroll processing for bureaus as this is typically the primary function of the company, who will be managing the payroll processes of several different companies as their primary function.

4. Payroll Software Training and Support

The provision of ongoing support and training once the software has been rolled out is an important aspect of the sales process which shouldn’t be overlooked. You should ensure that any software you purchase includes a period of aftersales support which will be sufficient for the needs of your business.

In addition, ongoing training should be available where it is required by the accountancy firm or the payroll bureau.

5. Upfront and Ongoing Payroll Software Costs

The cost of payroll software for accountants and bureaus, both in the initial capital cost and any ongoing costs is an important consideration for every company. When comparing costs, it is important to gain an accurate overview of exactly what is included for the price quoted as well as whether there are any ongoing licensing fees or any other associated costs.

Primo Payroll: Enhanced Payroll Software Solutions

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