If you’ve been in business for a few years, you may be lucky enough to have a good payroll team. If they’re making minimal mistakes, and pay is getting to employees in time, then you might be happy with the way things are going. Therefore, upgrading your payroll software might not be a priority for your business at this moment. But with big improvements made to software in recent years, there are many reasons why updating can save your company time and money. Here are a few reasons to consider it today.

Payroll is becoming more complex

The days of people working nine to five are over, and with regulations constantly changing, payroll is becoming more complicated. By investing in payroll software for bureaus, you can make the process much simpler, cutting down on errors and ensuring deadlines are met. Some of the reasons payroll is more complex include:

  • More people work flexible hours or part-time
  • Many companies now have both PAYE and freelance workers
  • Workplace pensions mean many employees need to be enrolled
  • Student loan repayments need to be managed – with different payment schedules depending on the year the course was started
  • The tax system is getting more complex

Using software from Primo Payroll allows your team to effectively run payroll in a quick, efficient way, with few manual processes, so there’s less room for error.

Employees expect quick turnaround

Whether it’s producing a P45 when they leave, or paying back expenses, employees don’t like to wait around. Older payroll systems can mean people have to wait long periods for documents for tax codes to be changed, or simple admin jobs carried out. By choosing specialist bureau payroll software, all these simple and complex processes are at your employee’s fingertips, so employees can be serviced as quickly as possible.

Company structures are changing

Your payroll system may have been set up a long time ago, and as your company structure grows and changes, the older system may no longer be fit for purpose. You may have grown into a parent company with many subsidiaries, at which point payroll for bureaus becomes more complex. This can mean that even established payroll teams will need additional help, and investing in new software can make life easier.

Growing roles

One of the big advantages of having the right payroll software is that it frees up time. If payroll staff are taking less time carrying out manual processes, they can expand their roles and spend time on other admin tasks. Freeing up extra hours also gives your staff more time for training and development, ensuring they’re happier in their roles.

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