Auto-enrolment has caused a number of problems for businesses of all types and sizes, especially because the various processes were not fully automated. Aware of the many frustrations, Primo Payroll and Smart Pension have combined their expertise and produced the first fully automated auto-enrolment solution. It’s quick, runs quietly in the background and will save time and money because you won’t need any intermediary advisors. Here’s how it works:

Primo Payroll automatically alerts you when an employee is ready to sign up for a pension scheme. Having confirmed your auto-enrolment contact details, your company is signed up to the Smart Pension platform. The pension scheme, with all the relevant parameters, is set up in Primo Payroll and the systems take over and interact with each other.

The new software has a number of other advantages such as automatically taking care of all your compliance obligations. You can forget about having to manually transfer information back and forth between your payroll and pension software. All data automatically transfers between the Primo Payroll and Smart Pension platforms without you having to do anything. Opting in or out and refunds are also dealt with, and the system sorts out all the necessary procedures for you.

The package will also benefit accountants because it can deal with multiple clients. Before Primo Payroll and Smart Pension joined forces, accountants had to work with two systems for each client. Now, one screen and one system will sort out all your clients. It’s as easy as that. There’s no fuss, no bother, just the satisfaction that a number of irksome tasks have been sorted out leaving you to get on with your primary concerns. Contact us for further details.