There are several features of accountancy payroll software which have the ability to increase efficiency which can in turn assist in lowering overheads. If you’re currently making use of bureau payroll software that isn’t fit for purpose or are looking to automate your manual payroll systems, these beneficial features are sure to change the way you manage your company.

Efficient Payroll Processing for Accountants and Bureaus

Any good payroll software will include a module that automates the payroll processes which you need to manage. Some of the features this module will be able to facilitate include:

  • Compiling and recording the total number of hours worked by each employee.
  • Calculating employee deductions which are applicable such as previous overpayments or money owed for courses attended.
  • Processing employee bonus payments which are applicable.
  • Calculating the employees personal pension contributions.

Accurate Tax Management

Every employee will be required to pay a certain amount of tax which will depend upon their personal circumstances. The circumstances of each employee will be unique and so by having access to their personal tax codes which can be entered directly into the payroll software, more accurate deductions can be made.

Automatic HMRC Integration

The payroll process includes the requirement to provide information to HMRC at various periods throughout the year. In the past, this information would need to have been communicated manually but it can now be done automatically through the use of the feature set within payroll software for accountants.

This includes the submission of employee tax returns which are required each year as well as any other information that is requested throughout the course of an employee’s employment with a company.

Accurate Employee Time Management

Managing the time keeping for each employee is vital to be able to pay them accurately and on time. Each employee will be entitled to a certain amount of paid holiday time each year which needs to be logged separately from the time they spend working.

Payroll software for bureaus is able to obtain this information from where it is stored as long as it is stored electronically, the most common way of doing so being through an electronic employee ‘check in’ or time management system.

Enhanced Functionality

It is now increasingly common for employees to be able to access their personal pay slips as well as other employee data online through an internal web portal. These web portals are usually connected directly to payroll software, allowing for a limited set of beneficial functions to be carried out by an employee at their convenience.

In addition, this enhanced mobile functionality is capable of allowing payroll managers to complete their payroll processes when outside of the office.

Primo Payroll: Advanced Payroll and Accountancy Software

Primo Payroll is available for both payroll bureaus and accountants who regularly run employee payroll processes. The process of managing payroll for bureaus and payroll for accountants can be made more efficient with the use of powerful software, and to show you how you could benefit, we offer the option of a free trial.

For more information on our advance payroll software or to take part in your free trial, call us today on 0845 456 7181 to speak to a member of our team.